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Games on Chain

Make Decentralized Gaming Market Grow!

We create a future where everyone can earn money by playing games. And we do so by developing an effective platform for emerging cryptogame market.

Latest Updates

Global Games Market Figures

Gaming Market

Global games market has been growing rapidly since introduction of mobile application stores in 2009. In 2016 it surpassed movie industry's market by revenue.

It is expected that games market will hit $151.9 billion by 2019

In November 2017 when CryptoKitties came out, new cryptogames market emerged — a place where both players and game developers earn money by participating in it. This new market grows very rapidly, same as once casual, social and native mobile game markets did when they first appeared.

Each developing market needs infrastructure elements to help it grow and we aim to provide one!

A new gaming platform is needed and it's name is Games on Chain

Games on Chain Platform

A platform that connects all cryptogame market participants in a profitable cooperation

Games on Chain is a simple and effective cryptogame distribution platform that's based on working game industry standards. It offers nothing "revolutionary", "groundbreaking" or "innovative", like most ICOs "do", but employs purely effective and years tested business models. It's being created to help the cryptogame market grow.

Key Benefits

Full Market Coverage

All market participants — developers, players, influencers, advertisers and news media are presented on the platform

Integrated Wallet

Platform utilizes own secure wallet solution that works on both on Mobile and Desktop devices and brings on-boarding friction to minimum

Performance Based Featuring

Games that provide value and better engage and retain players  receive more visibility from the platform for free

Inter-game Asset Marketplace

Ability to exchange one game's assets for another one's. Both individually or in sets


For Players

Player and Influencer Profile

Each player has a customizable profile page where he can see his rankings, achievements, assets, created content standings, etc.

Activity Feed

Similar to social network's News Feed, activity feed shows your and your friends notable game actions, user generated content and other players' reactions to it

Clan Vault

Clan Vault allows players to collectively own and distribute funds and game assets among member of one clan

Referral Program

Each player earns additional tokens from other players' transactions he referred to the platform

Token withdrawal

Ability to withdraw Games on Chain tokens to your personal Ethereum-wallet

For Game Developers

SDKs for Different Blockchains

Fast and easy to implement platfrom SDKs that support games on different blockchains

Company and Game Pages

Each developer has customizable company and game pages, where he can engage with players, do bounty campaigns etc.


Access to game developer oriented analytical system that allows you to properly tweak and improved your cryptogame based on real collected data and player behavior

Game Discoverability

Many options to increase your game visibility on the platform including game catalogue, paid featuring, player curated game sections, motivated video ads, email marketing and others


Flexible API that allows game to use various aspects of the platform. Some methods are open for all developers by default, while some a provided only to proven developers on demand

For Crypto Advertisers

Ads and Media Buying

Ability to show cryptorelated ads to paying audience using various formats and places — banner slots, native ads in Activity feed, sponsored articles, motivated video ads, etc.

Thorough Analytics

Robust analytical system that allows shows how your ads perform in terms of geo, impressions, click-through rate, game installs and other metrics

Games on Chain Advertising Scheme
Games on Chain Platform Economics Scheme

Platform Economics


Tokens and fiat money circulation. Ecosystem is designed that way so it can work with both fiat money and GOC tokens, but using tokens is always more profitable. Some platform's aspect operate using only tokens. Demand for tokens is always stimulated


Players. Players use tokens to play games, participate in platform activities and sell content.


Developers. Developers receive their revenue share in tokens and can stimulate players by offering token rewards in special game events and activities


Advertisers. Advertisers use tokens to buy ad-slots cheaper. Some advertising options are available only for tokens


Exchanges. Tokens are sold at various exchanges in order to provide easier entry point to the platform

Our Roadmap

Q4 2017

Blockchain game platform plan was drafted after the CryptoKitties came out and created the cryptogames market


Q1 2018

Games on Chain concept — a platform for the growing market of decentralized applications was presented and finalized

Q2-Q3 2018

Gathering of the team. Preparation of documents and concept proofing


Q3-Q4 2018

Whitelist and crowdsale launch

Q3 2019

Games on Chain prototype launch. Platform user experience testing by the community. End of taken sale.
GOC token starts hitting exchanges


Q2 2020

Launch of Games on Chain beta version. Interaction between players, developers and cryptogaming media

Q4 2020

Global Games on Chain platform launch. Interactions between all platform roles — players, developers, media and crypto advertisers are available.


Our Creative Team

Joseph Doering
Founder and Artchitect
Vitautas Matonis
Tuan Nguyen
Blockchain Engineer
Lilly Chen
Client Support Manager

Tokensale Details

Games on Chain (GOC)

Maximum Supply

850 000 000 GOC

Token Price and Contribution Information

GOC is a utility token

Base price (without bonus):
1 GOC = 0.02 USD
1 USD = 50 GOC

No min. or max. requirements on contribution amount


Only for contributions over 100 ETH


Softcap = 1 500 000 USD

Hardcap = 10 000 000 USD

ICO Dates

September 2018 — August 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOC token?

GOC is "Games on Chain" platform's utility token that serves as ecosystem's hard currency. It's an Ethereum blockchain ERC-20 standard based token and is an essential part of Games on Chain platform. It is required by the system to operate properly.

What's the value of GOC token

Base price (without bonus) is:
1 GOC = 0.02 USD
1 USD = 50 GOC

Crowdfunding round bonuses may apply.

How fast will I receive my GOC tokens?

Tokens are sent to contributor's account within the next 48 hours after the contribution.

Where can I participate in Games on Chain token sale?

Only place from where you can safely participate in GOC token sale is your Personal cabinet, where you are provided with your unique contribution addresses. All other methods (like Discord or Telegram private messages or bots) should be treated as fraudulent and avoided at all costs.
Please remember, that Games on Chain staff will never ask you to send ETH or BTC to solve any technical issues in private messages.

Personal Cabinet will be available after the whitelist stage.

Which wallet to use to store tokens?

Any wallet that officially stores ERC-20 tokens will do.
– Desktop: Metamask, MyEtherWallet
– Android: Citowise, imToken
– iOS: Citowise, imToken

Please avoid storing GOC tokens on exchange accounts.

What is Token Sale?

Token Sale is process of selling generated GOC tokens to project contributors in order to crowdraise funds for project launch, development and marketing.

Tokens are generated upon contribution. Unsold tokens are just not generated.

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